TOM PAINE, NATHAN HALE, PATRICK HENRY & IRWIN SCHIFF? What do these four Americans heroes have in common? They are all courageous American patriots of the highest order. But for raw courage in the face of ravenous enemies, Irwin Schiff stands head and shoulders above the other three.

Author James Smith recently posted an article here at on the federal income tax. It is well worth reading. Here is the link to it; Its title is in the address: I left a comment on his article. Here it is:

Not for all of us. My number one American patriot hero is Irwin Schiff. He discovered that the income tax is a total, multi-faceted scam: an IRS scam in the manner of its collection, a Congress scam in the creation of the incomprehensible, 4-million word Internal Revenue Code, including congress critters (viz., Reps and Sens) and congress staffers; a U.S. Justice Department scam in its manner of prosecuting tax cases in federal courts; and a federal judiciary scam, including kangaroo-type-courts and their dishonest judges, including federal district courts, federal courts of appeal, and SCOTUS. When Schiff unraveled the plot of history’s all-time greatest fraud, he started writing books about it to share his knowledge with the general American public who were being ripped off by the income tax.

In order to silence my hero after publishing his first whistleblowing book, the above mentioned federal thugs captured and imprisoned Schiff for two years–without benefit of a trial (only a kangaroo-court pseudo trial). While in prison Schiff wrote an even more explosive expose of the government’s income tax scam. So the thugs sent him to prison for four years. Again, in prison he wrote a comprehensive account of the scam and his persecution at the hands of the federal thugs, encouraging others to join him in courageously challenging the most feared agency in the world–the IRS–on the basis of the unlawful nature of the income tax. His words and deeds inspired enough other Americans to challenge the income tax so that their combined resistance began a small ($59+ million of taxes resisted) but frightening tax revolt–frightening, that is, for the all of the pigs feeding at the federal trough–because the revolt was growing exponentially.

Threatened with potentially the complete loss of the lucre that was feathering their beds if the revolt went viral, the thugs came down on Schiff like a ton of bricks. They obtained an injunction in a federal kangaroo court prohibiting the sale of Schiff’s how-to book, thereby blowing the First Amendment protection of a free press to smithereens. And in 2005 the federal criminals sent him to prison without a real trial for 14 years at the age of 78. He died in prison October 16, 2015. From 1974 until he died in 2016–42 year!!!–with the treat of prison and loss of all of his property constantly hanging like a guillotine over his head, Schiff never wavered. His courage in facing down the most feared government agency since Hitler’s Gestapo, Stalin’s NKVD and Mao’s CPC Central Committee places Schiff furlongs ahead of any Medal of Honor winner in the categories of raw courage and unwavering devotion to American freedom. RIP, Irwin.

For a detailed account of what the federal mafia, as Schiff called ’em, did to Irwin, I heartily recommend Jim Davies small book,

How Government SILENCED Irwin Schiff

and what you can do about it