I wrote the following as a comment on an article published on the FEE website titled, “Even Economists Can’t Do Their Own Taxes,” by Antony Davies and James P. Harrigan.

If you truly dig into the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and the history of taxation and tax laws in America, including the Supreme Court cases pertaining thereto, you will discover two important facts: 1) You cannot possibly be legally liable for the individual income tax (or any of the several other employment taxes) because the Constitution with its Bill of Rights precludes the government from levying and collecting an income tax. 2) The IRC–4-million words–is written in such complexity to disguise the fact that you do not have to file a 1040 nor pay an income tax. What is truly maddening about this situation from my personal perspective, having demonstrated the correctness of my understanding since 1971 by not filing returns nor paying any tax, is that here you have two educated and intelligent men pontificating on some of the hairy but minor irritations of the tax law, while ignoring the fact that the federal individual income tax is a scam. The only possible explanation for this is that the scam that has fooled the American public for lo these many years, has bamboozled them as well.

For those who would be interested in finding out how they are being screwed, the place to start is a book by Irwin Schiff entitled THE GREAT INCOME TAX HOAX (WHY YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY STOP PAYING THIS ILLEGALLY ENFORCED TAX, https://www.amazon.com/Grea…

Now chances are someone is going to see my comment and point out that Irwin Schiff, the most famous “Illegal-Tax Protester” of all time, was convicted and imprisoned for tax evasion three times and ended up dying in prison while serving a 14-year sentence. They will say this to infer that his convictions prove that he was wrong in his understanding of the IRC, and that his appeals of his convictions to federal appellate courts prove their point. To which I say, BALONEY! The IRS agents who accused Schiff, the United States Department of Justice lawyers who prosecuted him, the federal district court judges and the appellate court judges who ruled against him are all people whose munificent emoluments were being paid to them by the United States out of the same tax revenues that Schiff was challenging as being illegal and unauthorized under the Constitution. Is it any surprise that all of these clowns acted in their own self-interest and against Mr. Schiff? Regarding all of the judges, by failing to disqualify themselves from presiding in cases wherein one of the parties was their employer and they had a personal, financial interest in the subject matter of the cases, they were in palpable violation of THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR UNITED STATES JUDGES, which includes the ethical canons that apply to federal judges and provides guidance on their performance of official duties and engagement in a variety of outside activities. The CODE is the law of the land. (see: http://www.uscourts.gov/jud… , and pay particular attention to Canon 3, (C), (c), which unequivocally requires them to disqualify themselves in cases wherein the judge “has a financial interest in the subject matter in controversy or in a party to the proceeding,,,”)

In addition to unlawfully sentencing Schiff to prison, the government obtained an injunction barring Schiff from selling his subsequent book titled THE FEDERAL MAFIA, HOW IT ILLEGALLY IMPOSES AND UNLAWFULLY COLLECTS INCOME TAXES. Because Schiff’s own company published this book, the injunction was tantamount to banning a book that was almost entirely political. I doubt there has been a more egregious violation of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, one of which criminalized making “false” statements that were critical of the federal government. (Of course the government would determine what was false.)

When the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upheld the injunction banning Schiff’s book, the real reason the government criminally prosecuted Schiff and banned his book became manifest. In the course of obtaining its injunction, the IRS had collected information and material (evidence) on Schiff indicating that almost 5,000 “zero-income returns,” representing an estimated $56 million in attempted “income-tax evasion,” as the IRS called it, were filed by nearly 3,100 of Schiff’s followers during a three-year period!!! In other words, Schiff’s presentation of his research into the illegality of the income tax had ignited a small but rapidly growing tax revolt that threatened to explode into a veritable Second American Revolution and topple the government’s taxing system, thereby making it impossible for the government to fund the myriad of progressive, social-welfare programs that had been enacted into law after the income tax began producing revenues exponentially larger than anything ever previously imagined in America. See, UNITED STATES V. SCHIFF, COMMERCIAL SPEECH REGULATION OF FREE SPEECH INFRINGEMENT, particularly on page 554 and 578ff, Section V, “THE FEDERAL MAFIA IS POLITICAL, NOT COMMERCIAL SPEECH,” by Jacqueline K. Half http://scholarship.shu.edu/…

Taxation is theft. The law is a ass. The IRC is a legal abortion. Withholding is vicious stealing. The Bill of Rights is a sugar-coated lie. The Constitution is a dead issue. It is past time to withdraw our consent to being governed by dishonest people