Ned Netterville, DSDE, EDACS, I-TP, PhD

Address & Phone Number redacted


Licensed and Certified Swamp Draining Engineer

Licensed and Certified Dangerous Animal Control Specialist

IRS-Certified Illegal-Tax Protester (1971 to Present)

PhD in Austrian Economics


Okefenokee School of Swamp Engineering, Doctor of SDE

Dunlap (TN) Exotic and Dangerous Animal Control School, EDACS

Internal Revenue Service Designated Illegal-Tax Protester, I-TP

Lone Oak (TN) Intl. School of Common-Sense Economics, PhD


My dissertation for the terminal engineering degree (DSDE) in swamp draining technology is a plan to drain the D.C Swamp and keep it drained. It received the Dean’s Medal for Innovation, was designated “America’s Most Dangerous Plot” by the Service Employees International Union and was praised by the National Taxpayers Union. It remains the only plan in existence for draining the D.C. Swamp and keeping it drained by blocking the inflow of money that becomes stagnant when it reaches D.C. The plan includes the humane capture and relocation of all dangerous denizens of the swamp including alligators, rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and an invasive species, the Entitled Bureaurat. Any swamp administrator who does not effectively eliminate the swamps hazardous species will be co-opted or eaten by the resident swamp creatures before any draining project can begin. The key to my plan’s award-winning design is the repeal of the federal individual income tax as the only way to ensure the D.C. swamp is never refilled with stagnant money and re-infested with dangerous critters. (Proof of danger involved: D.C. Election Results: Clinton 93%, Trump 4%)


Twenty-three swamps drained throughout Tennessee and converted to pasture, crop land and fine residential developments. All dangerous species removed, including copperheads, rattle snakes, wild hogs, hellbenders, black widow spiders, zoning inspectors, and seven county commissioners.



In addition to my own expertise, I will provide a complimentary pack of well-trained canines to find, hold and assist in the humane capture and removal of those dangerous OPM eaters (re, OPM: Other People’s Money—forcibly extorted), and continue to keep them out. My kennel includes Plott Hounds, Treeing Walkers, Oorang Airedales, American Pit Bulls and Tibetan Mastiffs.